Simon Shuker's Code-Cracker
Global Edition Now Available!
Five Code-Cracker Volumes

After many requests you can now purchase global editions of Simon Shuker's Code-Cracker books, which avoid both UK and US-specific spellings.


While Code-Cracker puzzles are enjoyed daily in newspapers around the world, the books have not been as widespread: until now, they have only been readily available in New Zealand, and the UK-English spellings used in words such as “manoeuvre” and “colour” could lead to confusion for those more accustomed to US-English - an issue remedied by the international release of these global edition books.

Large Print Book

In a first for the Code-Cracker book series, all of the global volumes are also available in Large Print editions.

Click on the purchase button below to choose the Amazon series page for your country, or, if you are new to the puzzle, try the instructional video or interactive sample links.