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Large Print Code-Cracker Books: Online-Purchase Trial Run

While I have increased the font and puzzle sizes in the print runs of my standard Code-Cracker books over the years, a number of readers have asked if Large Print versions of Simon Shuker's Code-Cracker books could also be produced.

The main drawback with the large format is that the increased printing cost makes it difficult to produce small runs of the books for a reasonable retail price, so I have created Large Print updates of the first six Code-Cracker books and will use Amazon's short-run print service as a method to gauge if there's enough interest to scale up to standard production.

The Large Print page size is 21.6x28cm so the grids are over triple the size of those in the standard New Zealand series.


Below are links to Large Print versions of the first six Code-Cracker books on the Australian Amazon website.

The books are AUD$19.95 each (just under NZD$23 including GST), with New Zealand shipping free on orders over AUD$49.

Large Print Volume One:
Large Print Volume Two:
Large Print Volume Three:
Large Print Volume Four:
Large Print Volume Five:
Large Print Volume Six:


(Note: as an Amazon Associate,
I earn from qualifying purchases)

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